Andy's Star Dance

Andy's Star Dance

We engage our students the exciting world of dance, music, self-expression and English language. All of our classes are taught in English and are led by Andy and his professional dancers team.

Our teachers are all graduated in HKAPA School of Dance and have numerous years of teaching experience. Through Andy Dance your child will improve their personal and performance confidence in English and dance while also getting exercise, enhance their body awareness and having great fun with their dance mates.

Junior Groover
-Class for your little ones aged 2-3.
-Children explore movement and rhythm.
-Introducing body coordination, spacial awareness and language abilities.
-Developing social skills and personal confidence.
-At the end of the term, students will be ready to move up to the Senior Dancer.

Senior Dancer
-Class for students aged 4-6.
-Student learn the dance technique, rhythm and body coordination.
-Student learn structured dance routines and sing the song in English.
-Expressing themselves in a creative way and gaining greater confidence.
-Developing the relationship between peers, learning how to cooperate with each others.
-Student take part in a performance in the end of the phrase.

DANCE is FUN and will make you HAPPY!

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