Running Rabbits (Lower Kindergarten)

Running Rabbits (Lower Kindergarten)

  • Designed for Lower Kindergarten students 4 - 5 years old
  • Focuses on proper pronunciation, speaking and listening skills
  • Peer Conversational exercises in small groups
  • Weekly themed Advanced Vocabulary Practice
  • Advanced Sentence Practice
  • Interactive vocabulary gameplay

Course Level 3: 4-5 Year Olds

The Running Rabbits start to tackle more complex conversational topics with advanced questions, multiple answers and new vocabulary. The conversational topics are still introduced through a catchy song, interactive whiteboard and cemented through conversational exercises and fun filled games. Through real conversation with the NET teacher the children learn English in a holistic natural way; in the Running Rabbits class we also sneak some more complex English grammar into our topics so that the children learn to intuitively speak English in an accurate way.

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