Little Lambs (Pre Nursery)

  • Designed for children 3+ years old
  • Focuses on speaking and listening skills
  • Peer interaction in small groups
  • Weekly themed Vocabulary Practice
  • Simple Sentence Practice
  • Development of fine motor skills

Course Level 1: 3+ Year Olds

Young minds are naturally inquisitive and incredibly responsive, absorbing information about their world and their relationship to it. CEC’s Little Lambs course is specifically designed to engage young minds, aid children’s social, creative, physical and intellectual development in the early years to assure they are prepared for their first adventure in Kindergarten.

The key aspects of development are class room skills, peer and teacher interaction, and spoken English.  The structure of the class is a mix of traditional kindergarten styled activities led at the table, and interactive games and activities aimed at teaching and eliciting spoken English.  Each week there are games and activities designed to have the children not just interact with the teacher but to interact in a positive manner with their fellow students.  There is a new sentence and set of vocabulary to be learnt each week. The vocabulary and weekly sentence are taught through a mix of games and activities designed to give the children a clear understanding of both the vocabulary and sentence learned, as well as give them many different physical, visual and aural queues to help them secure the new information in their long term memory.

Activities designed to develop the children’s fine motor skills allow the children to begin to produce written letters and  progress faster when they go on to form words and cursive writing much later on in their studies. 

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