Creative English

Creative English

Taught by our experienced Native English Teachers.

Our Creative English program uses a Total Physical Response approach to vocabulary, classroom language, and targeted speaking imperatives designed to engage our students and make learning English feel natural and fun.

With four levels catering separately for PN, N, LK, and UK, Creative English lessons have unique themes that are progressively well-structured to cover various elements of Conversational English. Through the use of interactive white boards, educational videos and games, we focus on the development of communicative competence in terms of the topics suitable for children through songs and rhythm, which contain exercises full of action, enthusiasm and fun. This helps our students to experience the information instead of just reading and hearing it.

Our special team of Native English Teachers aim to help young learners in their development of a strong foundation in English by reinforcing speaking and listening abilities, making sense of ideas, and helping to effectively express their learning.

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